Top Three Florida Estate Planning Documents

Estate planning can seem like an overwhelming and unpleasant endeavor. No one wants to think about death; it is much more pleasant to imagine we will live forever and hope the details will just sort themselves out. However, it can actually be a huge relief to get your affairs in order. With the help of an attorney, many people find it is not nearly as cumbersome a process as they thought.  Part of the problem is that for many people, “estate planning” can seem like a somewhat vague and daunting process reserved for the wealthy. However, estate planning is really just...

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Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in Florida?

Family structures can be complex to navigate and understand. While it may seem like common sense that allowing children to have a relationship with their grandparents would be beneficial to them in most cases, their parents do not always agree. Sometimes the parental reasons are valid, while other times they are genuinely not in the best interest of the child. For instance, abusive parents may isolate their children from other family members in order to hide the abuse and deny them an external support system. This can be scary and frustrating for grandparents who want to make sure that their...

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The Importance of a Partnership Agreement

If you are creating a business with someone, a partnership agreement may not be the first thing on your mind. In fact, often when people are starting businesses they seem to be in agreement on everything, which is great. It is important to recognize, though, that the longer you work together, the stronger each of your opinions will become and the harder it will be to reconcile them. For this reason, making a partnership agreement as soon as possible when starting a business will give you the best chance of starting on and building from the same page. Creating a...

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Benefits of Contract Drafting and Review for Small Businesses

If you are a new or small business owner, you may not be thinking much about contracts. Many new business owners believe that when they are just starting out, it is better to build informal relationships with suppliers and distributors. However, in reality, these informal agreements can cause a lot of ambiguity on both sides, which can result in major miscommunications and fallouts that threaten everything you have built. It is important to understand that contracts are like bricks when you are building your business. Having contracts properly drafted and reviewed helps you build a strong foundation with contractors, business...

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Four Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements That Have Nothing to Do With Divorce

Many people struggle to separate the concept of a prenuptial agreement from the idea of divorce. This creates a barrier to even considering such an agreement for many individuals, who fear that a prenuptial agreement is heralding an early end to their marriage. However, this misconception really does a disservice to couples who could benefit in many ways from these kinds of agreements. In fact, in many ways, a prenuptial agreement can serve as a testament to the relationship you are building with your future spouse.  Strengthen and codify your values. A marriage is strongest when it is a true union...

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Pandemic Estate Planning: Why Make a Living Will?

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered and affected nearly all aspects of our lives, and we have worked hard to adapt by social distancing, home-schooling, and working remotely. One thing that some people may have overlooked in focusing on trying to stay healthy and survive the day-to-day challenges is thinking about what would happen if they actually got sick. It is understandable; it is far easier to survive each day when you are not also holding space for your own mortality and worst-case scenarios. Unfortunately, in our current climate, and with the virus spreading internationally, contracting COVID-19 is no longer a...

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Black-Owned Businesses are Thriving in South Florida

You may be shocked to learn that only 2.2% of businesses in the United States have Black owners. While racial disparities exist nationwide, South Florida has been proving itself ripe for boosting Black-owned businesses. In fact, two of the nation’s top five best cities for Black business owners are located in South Florida — Pembroke Pines and Miramar. Both of these cities have a 3.11% Black-ownership rate, above the national average, and higher than the vast majority of the 129 cities assessed for the study.  Obstacles for Black-Owned Businesses  Studies have consistently shown that it is harder for Black business owners to...

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How You Can Avoid Florida Probate and Why You Should

Unless you are a wills and estates attorney, you may not be intimately familiar with the concept of probate, but understanding what probate is and how to avoid it can make all of the difference when it comes to effectively distributing your assets after death.  What is Florida Probate?  So, what is probate? Probate is the process by which a person’s assets are distributed after their death. This process may involve settling debts, paying estate taxes, and distributing assets. Depending on the specific circumstances, probate can look different. For instance, probate will unfold differently depending on whether you have a valid will...

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Why to Say “I Don’t” to a DIY Divorce

It is no secret that the word “divorce” can instantly conjure fears of long, drawn-out court battles, drained bank accounts, and ruined relationships. So it is also no surprise that many couples hope to avoid these outcomes by taking care of it themselves. However, even though it may look simple enough to fill in the blanks on a flat-rate website, there is a lot that can go wrong with this overly simplified approach. DIY divorces should only be considered in cases where you and your spouse are both honest, transparent, have no shared dependent children, have few assets, are in...

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Appointing a Florida Durable Power of Attorney

A power of attorney gives another individual the power to act as an agent on your behalf, for either a general purpose or a specific reason. The scope of the power of attorney can be tailored to your needs for the agent. For instance, you can execute a power of attorney that allows another individual to close on the sale of your home, sell your car, sign a contract on your behalf, or access your bank account. A power of attorney can be executed for just about any legal task, including forming wills, trusts, and giving gifts. Essentially, a power...

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