Can I Get a Legal Separation in Florida?

There are generally three primary means of dissolving or ending a marriage — divorce, annulment, and legal separation. Some people may prefer legal separation over divorce because it essentially allows a couple to dissolve their marriage without ending it. This means that they can divide assets and debts and determine custody and visitation issues without terminating or altering their marital status legally. This can be important for religious reasons or if there is a need to keep health insurance intact. There can also be tax benefits or personal reasons, such as working toward a reconciliation, that make a separation preferable...

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Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in Florida?

Family structures can be complex to navigate and understand. While it may seem like common sense that allowing children to have a relationship with their grandparents would be beneficial to them in most cases, their parents do not always agree. Sometimes the parental reasons are valid, while other times they are genuinely not in the best interest of the child. For instance, abusive parents may isolate their children from other family members in order to hide the abuse and deny them an external support system. This can be scary and frustrating for grandparents who want to make sure that their...

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Four Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements That Have Nothing to Do With Divorce

Many people struggle to separate the concept of a prenuptial agreement from the idea of divorce. This creates a barrier to even considering such an agreement for many individuals, who fear that a prenuptial agreement is heralding an early end to their marriage. However, this misconception really does a disservice to couples who could benefit in many ways from these kinds of agreements. In fact, in many ways, a prenuptial agreement can serve as a testament to the relationship you are building with your future spouse.  Strengthen and codify your values. A marriage is strongest when it is a true union...

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Restraining Orders in Florida Family Courts

Divorce and custody battles are often some of the most heartbreaking cases that come through the courts. This is especially true when there are small children caught in the middle. While divorce can be ugly, there are certainly times when it is unavoidable. One case, in particular, would be in situations involving domestic violence. Miami family lawyers can help clients through their underlying family court case as well as in seeking an order of protection against an abusive partner (also referred to as a restraining order).  What is a Restraining Order? A restraining order is pretty much what it sounds like; it...

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Adopting a Child in Florida

When small children are taken into state custody in Florida, there is a preference for finding relative caregivers. Unfortunately, there are times when parents cannot get their lives in order and get their children home. When this happens, adoption is the typical result. If you are a relative with custody of a loved one’s child, you may have high hopes for them to get their child back, but you should also prepare for the potential reality that you may be asked to step up and adopt that child at some point in the future. When you are adopting children in...

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How Does Cannabis Affect Custody in Florida?

As cannabis moves slowly from serious illegal drug to generally accepted for recreational and medicinal use nationwide, Florida family courts remain largely opposed to the drug. If you are facing a custody battle in Florida, you need to be prepared. This means understanding how your behavior can impact the outcomes. For those seeking to protect their children and provide the best life possible, a faith-based law firm may be just the right option.  Cannabis Law in Florida First, it is important to note that marijuana is still illegal in Florida. In fact, even medicinal marijuana comes with many exclusions and restrictions. Under...

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Five Common Challenges in Adoptions

For those seeking to adopt a child, there are three primary ways it can be done. Each has its pros and cons. First, there is a traditional adoption. This is where an adoptive parent or parents contact an agency or find a private individual seeking to place a child for adoption, and the parties reach an agreement. Second, there are international adoptions. Finally, there are foster adoptions. Each has a unique set of challenges. However, in all situations, there are a few common challenges that potential adoptive parents should understand before making the commitment to bring a new child into...

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Five Signs of the COVID Custody Grab

In uncertain times, people do unusual things. In family courts across the country, people are trying to deal with how to handle the pandemic when determining custody and parenting time. Attorneys and courts are ill-equipped, because a pandemic of this magnitude has not occurred in our lifetimes. For those in south Florida who are trying to resolve a family law matter, this can be an immensely stressful time. Fortunately, a dedicated Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer might be able to help make sense of your rights and guide you through keeping as much time as possible with your children.  One particular problem...

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Why Non-Offending Parents Must Act Quickly When Children are Taken by the State

There is perhaps nothing scarier for a parent than discovering that your child has been removed from the home and placed into the care and custody of the State of Florida. Often, this occurs when parents are separated or divorced, and the child is with the other parent at the time of removal. Consider this example: You are separated and your ex-partner has the children for the weekend. You receive a phone call from a Child Protective Services worker late in the evening on Saturday, explaining that your children have been taken into care. You are then served with notice...

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