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Four Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements That Have Nothing to Do With Divorce

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Four Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements That Have Nothing to Do With Divorce

Many people struggle to separate the concept of a prenuptial agreement from the idea of divorce. This creates a barrier to even considering such an agreement for many individuals, who fear that a prenuptial agreement is heralding an early end to their marriage. However, this misconception really does a disservice to couples who could benefit in many ways from these kinds of agreements. In fact, in many ways, a prenuptial agreement can serve as a testament to the relationship you are building with your future spouse. 

  • Strengthen and codify your values. A marriage is strongest when it is a true union between two independent people. A prenuptial agreement allows each party to define their role, clarify expectations, and make sure both their individual and shared values are protected in structuring and planning for their future. 
  • Builds communication skills. Many times couples avoid prenuptial agreements because they are scared to talk about all the things that could go wrong. However, a prenuptial agreement is just as much about making a plan to ensure things go right, and confronting major issues in a collaborative setting with a trained professional can help couples learn to communicate about difficult things. This process also helps each spouse learn about what is important to the other, which creates an opportunity to be more supportive, understanding, and a better partner. 
  • Two do not have to become one. Although we have all heard the cliches that when you get married two become one, or that your spouse is your other half, legally, that does not have to be the case. Many women have worked hard to build their careers and fear losing all they have worked for by entering a marriage. A prenuptial agreement can ensure that each person’s wholeness is protected within the marriage. This can be an excellent way of showing your future spouse that they are supported and will not be absorbed or become invisible in the marriage. Even in a marriage that lasts forever, preserving the individuality of both partners has massive benefits. 
  • Builds trust. Allowing your partner to protect the things that matter to them, such as a business they have started, or an inheritance that they expect to receive, can go a long way in terms of building trust in a relationship. If you have anxieties about being left with nothing or past cheating, these are also terms that can be discussed and included in a prenuptial agreement as a way of showing a commitment to the relationship and to positive change, which can provide a great deal of security when entering a marriage. 

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