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Jadinah Naomi GustaveReviewsout of 4 reviews Jadinah Naomi GustaveClients’ ChoiceAward 2022

Determining Alimony in Florida

Determining Alimony in Florida

There are many questions and considerations that come up when contemplating divorce. Dissolving a marriage often means also dissolving aspects of a life you have invested a lot of time and effort in building. It can be a big decision to make, and there are often a lot of moving parts. For many people, concern over how divorce would impact them financially is a barrier to moving forward. It is important to have a sense of how alimony works so that you can have a genuine sense of your options and feel comfortable moving forward or planning accordingly. Of course, the information provided in this article is intended to be general. However, if you would like personalized feedback based on your individual claim, you are encouraged to schedule a consultation with the experienced Miami family law attorneys at the SG Law Firm. 

What is Alimony? 

Alimony is a sum of money temporarily or permanently paid from one spouse to another during or after a divorce. Alimony is intended to restore some equity that is created when a spouse who has sacrificed career opportunities for the career benefit of their partner is then left without a marriage. Alimony may be paid by the higher-earning spouse to the lower-earning spouse. There are five types of alimony available in Florida, including both temporary and permanent, bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, and durational. An attorney can help you determine which kind of alimony is most appropriate for your situation. If you and your spouse are able to come to an agreement on the kind and amount of alimony to be paid, then the court must only review and approve the decision. This makes it extremely likely that the court will approve your mutually-agreed upon alimony plan. However, it is often the case that mutual agreement is not possible and that the court will have to decide on the issue of alimony. The most common type of alimony in Florida is rehabilitative alimony. This kind of alimony applies when a spouse has the ability to support themselves but needs interim financial support to get themselves back on their feet. Bridge-the-gap support is a less common form of support that offers financial coverage of short-term financial needs while a spouse transitions from life in the marriage to life as a single individual. 

Calculating Alimony in Florida 

In order to qualify for alimony in Florida, the basic threshold of need and ability must be met. That is, one spouse must legitimately need support and the other spouse must have the ability to provide it. If this threshold is met, then the court will consider a number of factors to determine the amount and duration of the alimony that must be paid. These factors include things like the length of the marriage (shorter or longer than 17 years), the standard of living established during the marriage, and each spouse’s earning capacity. 

Talk to a Miami Family Law Attorney 

If you are considering divorce or have questions about alimony, the experienced Miami family law attorneys at the SG Firm are ready to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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