Do Workers’ Comp Benefits Get Divided in Divorce?

Divorce can strike at the most inopportune times in one’s life. Starting a brand-new business? Illness? Loss of loved ones? While we can always try to delay the inevitable, divorce can happen no matter what unfortunate events are taking place in your life. A workers’ compensation claim may be pending at the time of your divorce, as well. When a worker’s compensation claim is pending, many people are expecting funds to help them pay medical bills and get by until they are able to return to work. So, should they have to share those future anticipated funds with a spouse...

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Understanding Relocation in Florida’s Divorce Courts

The average American, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, will hold about 12 jobs in a lifetime. This is markedly more jobs than most people would have had just 30 or 40 years ago. Changing workforce requirements, educational opportunities, women working outside the home, and changing corporation structures all play a big role in this. However, one thing is definitely certain, if you have a custody order in place and are offered a phenomenal job opportunity that would require relocation, you are in a catch-22. Florida law does not make it easy to simply pick up and move if...

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Five Signs of the COVID Custody Grab

In uncertain times, people do unusual things. In family courts across the country, people are trying to deal with how to handle the pandemic when determining custody and parenting time. Attorneys and courts are ill-equipped, because a pandemic of this magnitude has not occurred in our lifetimes. For those in south Florida who are trying to resolve a family law matter, this can be an immensely stressful time. Fortunately, a dedicated Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer might be able to help make sense of your rights and guide you through keeping as much time as possible with your children.  One particular problem...

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S Corp Problems: Are You Set Up for Success?

Many small business owners struggle when starting out. There are a lot of reasons for this, but perhaps the most common early pitfall is setting up the business with the wrong foundation. While a good accountant is a necessity for any business, what they think is best for you may not actually be the best for your business. In particular, many CPAs will advise small business owners to set their company up as an S Corp. While this is generally a great idea for some companies, it is not always your best option. When it comes to long-term success for...

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Why Non-Offending Parents Must Act Quickly When Children are Taken by the State

There is perhaps nothing scarier for a parent than discovering that your child has been removed from the home and placed into the care and custody of the State of Florida. Often, this occurs when parents are separated or divorced, and the child is with the other parent at the time of removal. Consider this example: You are separated and your ex-partner has the children for the weekend. You receive a phone call from a Child Protective Services worker late in the evening on Saturday, explaining that your children have been taken into care. You are then served with notice...

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Religious Liberty Gets a Huge Victory at Supreme Court

America has a long and proud tradition of upholding individual liberties, including perhaps one of the most precious liberties - the right and freedom to worship as one chooses. Under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, this freedom is clearly and unequivocally preserved. In a landmark decision earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court granted a remarkable victory to a Catholic order of nuns whose religious faith prohibited them from supporting insurance coverage for contraceptives. At the Sejour-Gustave Law Firm, PLLC, we are carefully monitoring the progress of these issues, as they directly relate to the rights of all...

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The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Valuation of Divorce Assets

Besides washing our hands frequently and considering wearing a mask when you go out in public, COVID-19 has impacted countless aspects of our lives. For one, the pandemic has significantly disrupted the US economy as well as weakened financial markets and caused the unemployment rate to go up substantially. As far as Florida divorces and the equitable distribution of marital assets are involved, the valuation of assets is a critical role in the resolution of the end of marriages. If your divorce involves the valuation of businesses or other assets, the potential for unjust results exists given the significant economic disruption...

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