2020 Divorce Statistics and the Impact of COVID-19

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2020 Divorce Statistics and the Impact of COVID-19

With the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 still plaguing much of the world, divorce rates have skyrocketed in 2020. According to the National Law Review, as many as 20% of all couples who have been married for less than five months sought out a divorce during the early months of the pandemic. More startling, divorce rates went up by as much as 34% by April 2020. But what is really behind this trend, and what does it mean for those looking to get divorced during a health crisis? After years of counseling divorcing couples, the Sejour-Gustave Law Firm, PLLC is poised to help in even the most challenging situations. Here are a few considerations.

Boredom and Unemployment

You have probably heard the old expression that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Nothing could be more accurate when it comes to a global pandemic. People trapped inside their homes during the early months of the shutdown, between March and May of 2020, became frustrated and isolated. Researchers from Stony Brook University found that feelings of togetherness are often contrary to what one would anticipate. One would think that being close together for extended periods of time with nothing to do would lead to more closeness and enjoyment in a relationship. However, the opposite tends to prove true. Boredom gives people more time to focus on negatives and the otherwise small or insignificant issues they may have with each other. 

No Romance Without Finance

As the old saying goes, there is no romance without finance. While this is often stated as tongue-in-cheek, the fact remains that money troubles are among the most common sources of problems that lead to divorce in America. According to the Pew Research Center, 46% of adults in America are having trouble paying bills, based on a recent survey. Likewise, over a quarter of all households have suffered at least one job loss during the pandemic. So, it is no wonder that marriages are struggling; without income and stability, arguments, emotional exhaustion, and frustration are at an all-time high. 

What to Do Before You Call a Divorce Attorney

Perhaps you are like millions of other Americans, and you are thinking about ending your marriage. Before you divorce, there are several things you should do. 

  • Seriously consider the matter. Consider all possible alternatives.
  • If you are convinced that a divorce is the only option, begin gathering your bills, debts, bank statements, any investments statements, and so forth. Your attorney will need to see all of these at some point. 
  • Next, begin planning where you will live. Will you stay in the family home? Is there a likelihood you will need to move out and find a new residence?
  • Finally, be sure to contact an attorney early in the process. 

Many people make the mistake of waiting until a divorce is well under way to call an attorney. By that time, much of the important decision-making and leverage has been squandered. Getting an attorney on your side early can also help you avoid nasty tax complications and other financial pitfalls. If you are considering a divorce, call the Sejour-Gustave Law Firm, PLLC today. 

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